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With Australia emerging into a global destination for studies, employment and business, more and more people from all parts of the world are immigrating to Australia. India as on date ranks first among Australian immigrants. Many Indians migrating to this country Down Under do so with their partners or spouses. Aussizz Migration, in an effort to assist in this movement process, has launched This appendage of Aussizz Group is focussed in assessing and facilitating Australia Partner visa applications.

Partner visa might be issued for different categories of applicants, and it is the responsibility of a professional company like ours to educate you on these different aspects of Australian immigration. In general, Australian Spouse visa is issued for: married applicants, applicants planning to marry, and actual partners including those in same gender relationships. In addition, there are further subclasses that have their own set of immigration rules and regulations.

To understand these in details, it is advisable to approach us not only for clearing your doubts but even assisting you in facilitating the visa issuance process. For Australia visa applicants, it is essential to understand guidelines set by Department of Immigration and Citizenship. We, being a registered Australian migration agent, are qualified to address all your visa enquiries.

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Before applying for a partner visa to Australia, it is essential to understand the different subclasses under which an application might be processed. For Indians who want to immigrate to Australia and stay with their partners, the partner must either be a permanent resident of Australia, a citizen of Australia or a qualified citizen of New Zealand. In the beginning, you could apply for a subclass 309 or temporary partner visa. In case, your relationship continues even after two years of getting this temporary visa, you become eligible for a subclass 100 or Permanent Australia Visa.

In the event you are unmarried to your Australian partner (who is either a citizen of that country, a permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen) and plan to immigrate as fiancé, a subclass 300 or Prospective Marriage Australia Visa needs to be obtained. After marriage and subject to fulfilment of certain conditions, a partner might apply for a permanent visa.

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After having understood your exact Australian immigration sub class category, an application is required to be filled in and submitted with Australian immigration authorities. You need to follow guidelines as set by Department of Immigration and Citizenship for applying. Wherever required, you must furnish documentary evidence which must invariably be in English. A pre-assessment done by our immigration experts would assist in your Australia visa process.

Your application must be complete in all respects and submitted with requisite fees. Any deviations from the required norms could result in delays or rejections of Australian visa applications. It is advisable to take assistance from our professionals while completing application formalities as they are thorough and updated about Australian immigration laws. It is to be noted that we do not assess or process applications as these are sole responsibilities of Australia immigration department. We only facilitate your application procedure and attempt to make its assessment faster.

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